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Live Relay. Make and receive calls without needing to use voice or hearing. Launched at Google I/O May 2019.

Photobooth. Camera mode that automatically takes photos when it sees smiles. Launched October 2018 to Pixel phones.

Perspective. Machine-learning powered api to improve conversations online. Launched February 2017.


How one moment led to a passion for public service. U.S. Digital Response. 2021.

Towards Resilient Systems. Google Design. 2019.

Backpacking with Less: A Personal Introduction to Ultralight. REI Co-op Journal. 2017.

So you want to be a Design Researcher. 2017.


One Year of Routes Podcast. Interview with my brother on making, pushing yourself, and going it alone. 2018.

Hiking to Canada. Multi-media podcast from when I hiked 500+ miles from Bridge of the Gods to Canada. 2016.


Audio inbox. Digital voicemail for strangers, family, friends. Ongoing. 2020 – present.

Photos of trees while kneeling. Ongoing. 2019–present.

Self-portraits. Ongoing. 2019–present.

Thing I’m working on. 2019 – present.

Sounds. 2016.

Web experiments

Best read. 2018.
Blank tab. 2016.


Walking experiments. Ongoing. 2020 – present.