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Live Relay. Launched at Google I/O May 2019. A feature for making and receiving phone calls without needing to use voice or hearing.

Photobooth. Launched October 2018. Pixel camera mode to automatically take photos when it sees smiles.

Perspective. Launched February 2017. Machine-learning powered api to improve online conversations.


Backpacking with Less: A Personal Introduction to Ultralight. REI Co-op Journal. July 2017.

So you want to be a Design Researcher. Medium. March 2017.


One Year of Routes Podcast. Interview with my brother on making, pushing yourself, and going it alone. 2018.

Hiking to Canada. Multi-media podcast from when I hiked 500+ miles from Bridge of the Gods to Canada. 2016.

Sounds. Audio memories archive. 2016.


Thing I’m working on. Some things I’m working on. Ongoing.

“No one belongs here more than you.” Designers in Protest. March 2017.